For Candidates


Welcome to JWA – an executive search firm founded by Janet Wright in 1995. The firm specializes in senior-level recruiting assignments in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Here are some Q & A’s that may be helpful.


I’m interested in getting more information on a search that JWA is currently conducting. Where do I go?

Each search has a detailed "position profile" that is available by e-mailing us at We also encourage candidates to visit our client’s web site, where the position profile is usually posted. JWA does not post the client position profiles on its own web site.


How does JWA develop a potential candidate list?

We begin by establishing a close working relationship with the client organization and, specifically, with the individuals within the organization who will be making the hiring decision. Frequently, there is a search or selection committee involved. These discussions give us a solid understanding of a client’s needs. Next, we draft a detailed position profile that clearly outlines the candidate requirements.

Our actual "search" begins with a search of the JWA database, in-depth discussions with our extensive network of sector contacts, proactive telephone interviews, and a review of specialized directories and reference materials, both hard copy and electronic. We frequently advertise positions in relevant national or international media to widen the scope of interest.


What are some of the criteria that JWA looks for in evaluating candidates?

While each search is unique, there are some common qualities that JWA uses in assessing candidates:

• Educational and/or professional credentials
• Administrative and management abilities
• Leadership qualities
• Communications skills
• Personal qualities and style
• Potential "fit"with our client’s organization


Where do I submit my résumé?

Please submit your résumé to:
Janet Wright & Associates Inc.
174 Bedford Road, Suite 100 
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 2K9
tel. (416) 923-3008
fax: (416) 923-8311


If I send you my résumé, can I expect a response and will you keep my résumé on file?

Because we receive so many résumés every week, we cannot acknowledge them all or keep all of them on file. If, in our view, a candidate’s résumé may be suitable for an existing or future JWA search assignment, we will send a written acknowledgement of its receipt. We will not present a candidate’s résumé to a client without that candidate’s consent.